Katowice City Tour

Memorial of Silesian Insurgents
Memorial of Silesian

Katiowice is Polish city located in southwester Poland in Silesian Voivodeship and it is capital of this district of Poland. Katowice city is one of the most important city in Upper Silesian Industry Region. The city is ever-improving and. It is thought that Katowice is one of the most economically powerful city in European Union. It was claimed that this city is ugly and unpleasant for young people, but also for all it’s habitant. But actually this opinion is long out-of-date. The city can offer people a lot of interesting place to visit or see, like Market Square with functional architecture.

Katowice – Market Square

St. Mary's Church, Katowice
St. Mary’s Church, Katowice



The next beautiful and unique place is Nikiszowiec. It is part of district of Katowice City. The very special building complex created in the beginning of XX age was appreciated and more over it it candidate to UNESCO.

Nikiszowiec- Katowice
Nikiszowiec- Katowice


Very interesting and popular places is Spodek  – It’s very unique building which looks a UFO flying saucer. And It’s name in English means “saucer”. This building is multipurpose arena complex, which include one of two largest indoor venue in Poland (the second is Arena Krakow build in 2014). More over, there are also gym, ice rink, hotel and three car parks. It host many interesting events, sport, buisness, and many cultural events. Very popular are music concerts.

Spodek - Multipurpose Sports Arena
Spodek – Multipurpose Sports Arena


Very important thing for habitant of Katowice and Silesian people is Silesian Insurgent Monument – it is the heaviest and the biggest monument in whole Poland. It was created to commemorate three Silesian Uprising. The monument was funded by people of Warsaw.

Katowice- Memorial of Silesian Insurgents

Katowice City Tour – must see!


  1. St Mary’s Church

    St. Mary's Church
    St. Mary’s Church
  2. Cathedral of Christ the King
  3. Skyscraper
  4. Silesian Theater

    Cathedral in Katowice
    Cathedral of Christ the King
  5. Silesian Museum


Katowice - Silesian Theatre
Katowice – Silesian Theatre


Silesian Museum in Katowice
Silesian Museum in Katowice
Skycraper in Katowice
Skycraper in Katowice